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This website is hosted by AISO.NET, a 100% solar powered web hosting provider.

We chose AISO.NET because it is a truly green web hosting company. It uses 100% renewable energy rather than carbon offsetting. Doing business and preserving the environment are perfectly compatible!


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www.w3schools.com for countless tips and resources about website creation

matthewjamestaylor.com for css templates and numerous tips

www.famfamfam.com for icons

www.learningmovabletype.com for various css tips

stackoverflow.com for various css and html tips

www.alistapart.com for a lot of great articles

Net Beans for a great php IDE

XAMPP for a very helpful local web server (Apache, PHP, MySQL)

www.wampserver.com for a very helpful local web server (Apache, PHP, MySQL)

www.easyphpcontactform.com for the php code behind the contact form

www.phpcaptcha.org for the security code image

www.gimp.org for a great image manipulation tool

Conseil bourse for much appreciated help and support