About JB

My name is Jean-Baptiste Brossard.

In 2010 I founded S.E.R. Software Solutions, a micro ISV (Independent Software Vendor) based in San Francisco with the aim to deliver Simple Efficient and Reliable software. The first application, Data Moving Tool (DMT for short), was released in July 2010. As the name hopefully suggests DMT is a tool to move data around.  It’s a micro ETL that takes your data from where it is to where you want it to be.

Prior to that I lived in London for about 10 years where I was an IT consultant in various areas like software development, SQL and Siebel. Lately I had focused more on data related roles and that’s where the idea of DMT came from (more on that in post How DMT came about).

I also lived in Ireland for a while where I worked for Dell and learned a lot about designing software to handle real life situations.

I grew up in Paris and I have a degree in Computer Science from the Pierre and Marie Curie University (DEA for those who know the French education system).