The Goal

In this article I will describe an easy way to migrate data from one database to another. Source and the target databases (where to extract the data from and where to load the data into) don’t need to be from the same vendor.

In fact they could be any combination you could possibly thing of e.g. Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, from MS Access, Sybase, DB2, etc.

The Tools

All you need are ODBC drivers to access both the source and target databases, and a tool called Data Moving Tool.

Data Moving Tool (DMT) is an ETL that Extracts, Transforms and Loads data to and from any data source (ODBC compliant). DMT is very simple to deploy and to use. You can have your data moving within minutes.

The Method

First create ODBC connections for you source and target databases. You can easily do this from the Data Source Administrator accessible from the Windows Control Panel / Administrative Tools.

Then download and install DMT. Download available here: Download DMT

Once DMT is installed, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch DMT client
  2. Register your ODBC database connections in DMT in the Settings / DB Connection screen
  3. In the “Export Data” tab, create a job to extract your data from the source database.
    • Name the job (e.g. Job Extract Old DB)
    • The job uses the source DB connection
    • Specify a data file to store extracted source data
    • Type the SQL statement to extract source data (you have full control of the data extracted)
  4. Run the extract job. This will generate a data file containing the source data
  5. In the “Load Data” tab, create a job to load your data into the destination database
    • Name the job (e.g. Job Load New DB)
    • The job uses the destination DB connection
    • Link the job to the extract job created in step 3 (or manually select the data file where to read the data to load)
    • Select the destination schema and destination table
    • Enter the load mapping (i.e. where to load each column from the source data in to destination table)
  6. Run the load job. This will read the data file and load it into the destination table.

You can do much more with DMT like:
- Scheduling the extracts and loads
- Group data together
- Split data into different tables
- etc.


In this short article I have shown you how to simply migrate data from one database to another by using Data Moving Tool (DMT).

This is only a brief overview of what can be done with DMT, and it has much more options and powerful functionalities.
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