We’re pleased to announce the release of Data Moving Tool version 2.0, packed with enhancement, new functionalities and bug fixes.

Data Moving Tool (DMT) is an easy to use ETL application to Extract, Transform and Load Data to and from any data source (databases and/or flat files).

New Feature: Send Emails automatically
The main new feature in version 2 is the ability to send emails automatically. You can now send emails automatically to inform anyone that an export or load is about to start or has completed. You can use Run Variables in the Email body and title to indicate the name of the group or job, it’s type, the start and end time, the execution result, etc. Emails can be customised separately for each group and job.

Other Enhancements
There are a lot of other enhancements in version 2. For instance DMT now automatically checks for Application Updates at startup so you’re always up to date with the latest available version.
The User Interface has also been improved with new icons, an improved Run Progress Form, and watermarks (explanation text) on text fields.
Run Variables can now be used in many more places throughout the application: Pre and Post Process Email and Command Line, Run Pre-Conditions and Load Conditions.

There are many more improvements to discover in version 2…
Click here to download it.

For more information, visit www.sersoftware.com