Top 10 Reasons to choose Data Moving Tool

1 › Easy to use
No steep learning curve, export and load data within minutes.
2 › Works with any database
Connect to any ODBC data source. That's virtually any database, old and new!
3 › Export your data into files
Produce files with your data in many formats (delimited text, csv, html, etc).
4 › Import data in your databases
Load any DMT data or external files in many formats (delimited text, csv, html, etc).
5 › Schedule Exports and Loads in an extremely flexible way
Continually, daily, weekly, first or last Mon/Fri of the month, last day of the month, etc.
6 › Works unattended
The scheduler works in the background without any user logged on (windows service).
7 › Centralize all your data exports and loads
No need for multiple database import/export tools. DMT takes care of everything.
8 › Guarantee
All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee.
9 › Support
All purchases come with free email support and free upgrades for 1 year.
10 › Experience
DMT was designed based on years of data management experience.

And there are many more... Find out yours: Free Trial › Buy DMT ›