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14.3. Expression Editor Form

The Expression Editor form allows you to easily edit and test DMT Expressions used by load jobs, in the load conditions and the load mapping value. It's accessible for any load job in the Load Mapping area by double clicking on the Value column or the Load Condition field.

Note: The expression editor can only be used to edit and test DMT Expressions. If you use the expression editor with database or ODBC specific expressions, its functionalities are disabled.

Expression Editor Form



14.3.1. Expression Area

The expression area is where can enter and edit an expression.

Expression: This multiline text field is where you enter and edit the expression. When you open the expression editor, the underlying expression (i.e. the Value column or the Load condition from the Load Data Mapping) is automatically placed in this field.

Validate Syntax: Click this button to validate the syntax of the current expression. It signals any syntax errors with a message.

Evaluate Expr.: Click this button to evaluate the current expression. The expression result is displayed in a popup window.

Expression Eval Result

For our example above, the expression result is a string containing "1234 - TEST".


14.3.2. Data File Columns and Run Variables Area

This area contains 2 tabs displaying the lists of all the Data File Columns and Run Variables that can be used in the expression.

Each list contains 2 columns (same for both tabs):

  • Name: Name of the data file column or the run variable. The name is read only.
    Tip: Double click or drag and drop this column to automatically place a data file column or run variable in the expression field.
  • Value: This column shows the value of the data file column or run variable. You can edit the value by clicking on it. The values shown here are the values used to evaluate the expression when you click the "Evaluate Expr." Button. Run variable values are set automatically and you need to manually set each data file column value you want to use to test your expression.

In our example above, the data file columns ID and NAME contain the values "ID-1234" and "TEST".


14.3.3. Categories Area

This area displays a list of all the function and operator categories available to create DMT expressions.

When you click on a category, the functions or operators within this category are displayed on the "Function and Operators" area.


14.3.4. Functions and Operators Area

This area displays a list of all the function or operator from the selected category in the "Categories" area.
Tip: Double click on a function or operator name to automatically place it in the expression field.


14.3.5. Description Area

This area displays a brief description of the function or operator currently selected in the "Functions and Operators" area.