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3. DMT Quick Start

This section gets you started with DMT. It's a quick step by step guide to your first Export or Load.


3.1. Create ODBC Data Sources (in Windows)

DMT uses ODBC connections to connect to databases, so before you can use DMT, you need to create ODBC connections to the databases you want to export from or load into.

ODBC connections are created in: Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC)

Windows Control Panel  

3.2. Create Database Connections (in DMT)

Once you've created ODBC Data Sources in Windows, you can create Database Connections in DMT.
Database Connections can be reused throughout DMT, so you only need to create them once.

This is done from the Settings Tab in the "DB Connections" category.

DB Connection Settings  

3.3. Create your first Job

Now that you have a Database Connection, you can create your first Job. Let's create an export Job.

Create your first job  

3.4. Validate the Job

Before running a group or a job, it's always a good idea to validate it to make sure it's error free.

Validate your first job  

3.5. Run your first Job

You are now ready to run your first job.

Validate your first job

VoilĂ ! You've just created and ran your first Export Job. The good news is, load Jobs are created and run the exact same way.

For more detailed information about using DMT, please refer to the full documentation.