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2. DMT Overview

This section gives you an overview of DMT, its usage and main features.


2.1. Launching DMT

To launch DMT, just click on the DMT icon on your desktop or your start menu.

Depending on your windows settings, you might see the following windows message (UAC) asking you if you wish to let Dmtclient.exe make change on your computer.

Known Publisher Message Box

Click Yes to launch DMT.

Note: The only changes DMT makes on your computer are creating and deleting data files, setting files and log files.


2.2. Using DMT

The user interface is organized in tabs, accessible from the top of the DMT window as shown below.

DMT Tabs

There is one Tab for each main functionality:


2.3. Basic Principles

The main objects you manipulate in DMT are Groups and Jobs.

› Jobs represent the exports and loads performed by DMT.

› Groups are simply a way to organize jobs together (like files in folders).

To Export or Load Data, simply run Groups and jobs. They all follow the same basic principles:

  • Export groups and jobs: Connect to a data source, export the requested data, and place it into a data file with the requested format.
  • Load groups and jobs (import): Connect to a data source, read a data file in the specified format, and load its content into the specified destination table.

Find out more about groups and jobs here.


2.4. The 1 minute startup guide

Getting started with your first exports and loads is very simple.

  • Create one or more database connections in the Settings Tab
  • Create one or more Jobs: Exports in the Export Tab or Loads in the Load Tab
  • To run jobs directly from the client, right click on a job in the list and select the Run Job option
  • To run jobs with the scheduler, go to the Scheduling Condole Tab