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7. Scheduling Condole Tab: Schedule Exports and Loads

The scheduling console tab is where you control the scheduling of your exports and loads and follow their automatic execution.

Scheduler Tab

In the scheduling console tab, you can start and stop the DMT Scheduler and follow the progress of all scheduled exports and loads. When the scheduler is started, it automatically runs each active group and job according to its own Scheduling Parameters.

Once the scheduler is started, you can close the client and log off the computer. The scheduler keeps running unattended in the background. This is typically designed to run on a server where no user is permanently logged on.

To stop the scheduler, simply launch the DMT client again and stop the scheduler from the Scheduling Console Tab.

Note: The DMT scheduler is part of the DMT service that runs in the background. The DMT service must be started and the DMT client must be connected to it in order to start scheduling exports and loads. To verify that, make sure bottom left corner of the DMT client displays "Connected".


7.1. Current Operation

This field shows the operation currently being performed by the scheduler (e.g. sleeping, running an export, running a load, etc).


7.2. Operations History

This area displays the operations performed by the scheduler.

Current Operation: Latest/current operation performed by the scheduler.

Scheduler Operations History: History of group and job runs performed by the scheduler. Only the last 500 operations are displayed in this list.

Note: The run events displayed in this list are a summary of the run events for each group and job (i.e. begin and run events). To access the full list of run events, you need to check the service log files.


7.3. Commands

This area contains the command buttons to control the execution of the scheduler.

What to Run: By checking or unchecking these boxes you can instruct the scheduler to run only exports or loads. You need to check at least one of these boxes.

Start: This button starts the scheduler (i.e. starts running groups and jobs according to their scheduling parameters). Once the scheduler is started, you can close the DMT client and log off the computer. The scheduler will keep running in the background. When you start the DMT client again you can see the scheduled runs progress in the Operation History list.

Stop: This button stops the scheduler. Note that once the scheduler is started, this becomes the only command available. While the scheduler is running, you cannot leave the Scheduling Console Tab, nor change any group or job parameters, nor change any settings. You need to stop the scheduler before performing any of these operations.

Clear History: This button clears the Scheduler Operations History window.

Reset all active groups & jobs before start: When this box is checked, all active groups and jobs are reset each time the scheduler is started. Resetting a group or job clears the "last run date" and "max number of runs" fields.