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13.4. Settings: Export

This settings page is where you configure all settings related to export groups and jobs. They are valid for all export groups and jobs and most of them can be overwritten individually at group or job level.

Settings Tab

Validation Level: Export groups and jobs are validated either on demand (from the Export List Context Menu) or automatically before thy run. Validation consists of checking a group or job fields to make sure it can run. Each check box represents an area of validation that you can choose to enable or disable.

It's recommended to always select all the options.

  • Data file Info: Check the data file information. e.g. data file folder exists or can be created, data file name valid, etc.
  • DB Connection: Check the selected database connection.
  • Scheduling Parameters: Check the group or job's scheduling parameters. e.g. end date cannot be in the past, all required fields must be supplied, etc.
  • Pre Conditions: Check the group or job's run pre-conditions. e.g. check the database connection and SQL if SQL pre-condition.
  • PP Processes: Check the group or job's pre or post process.
  • Run Variables: Check the group or job's run variables. e.g. make sure "Run End Date" run variable isn't used in a pre process, etc.
  • SQL Statement: Check the group or job's SQL statement(s). e.g. check export jobs' SQL statement or pre-conditions' SQL statement, etc.
  • File Name conflicts: Check data file name conflict with other groups or jobs. e.g. if 2 non related export jobs generate the same data file, there is a potential conflict, etc.
  • Other: Any other validation.

Backup previous Data File before each Export: when this box is checked, previous data files are automatically backed up in the "ExportBackup" folder before each export job's run. This is a default value and it can be changed individually for each group or job in the Advanced Parameters.