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13.8. Settings: Scheduler

This settings page is where you configure the scheduler's parameters and behavior.

Settings Tab

Time Interval (seconds): Interval (in seconds) at which the scheduler wakes up. Every time the scheduler wakes up, it runs the next group or job for which the run time has come.
Recommended value: 60 seconds

When DMT Starts, load history if scheduler is already running: The DMT scheduler is part of the DMT service, a windows service designed to run independently in the background without the DMT client. If this box is checked, when the DMT client is launched and the DMT scheduler was already running, the scheduler operations history is displayed in the Scheduling console Tab.

Auto Start Scheduler when DMT Service Starts: This field allows you to start the DMT scheduler automatically when the DMT service starts.

  • Never: The DMT scheduler is never started automatically. You have to start it manually from the Scheduling console Tab.
  • Always: Every time the DMT service is started, the DMT scheduler is started automatically.
  • Only if it was running when machine was shut down: This is the default option. The DMT scheduler is not started automatically except if it was running when the DMT service was last shut down. Basically, it's like the manual mode but with an automatic restart in case the server is rebooted while the scheduler was running.

Note: Do not confuse the DMT scheduler and the DMT service. This field only controls the DMT scheduler and has not effect on the DMT service itself. In order for the DMT scheduler to work, the DMT service must be running.