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13. Settings Tab: Configure DMT

The Settings Tab is where you configure all DMT's settings.

Settings Tab

It contains 2 sections:

1. Settings Categories: This list shows all the different settings categories available. Click on the required category and its related settings displays in the right side panel.
2. Right side panel: Displays the settings corresponding to the selected category in the list.


There are 8 settings categories:

  • DB Connections: Configure database connections available in the application.
  • General: General settings to configure the application behavior.
  • Export: Export related settings.
  • Load: Load related settings.
  • Logging: Log files related settings.
  • Application Events: Configures what happens upon predefined application events.
  • Scheduler: Scheduler related settings.
  • Email: Configure email parameters.
  • Appearance: Customize the application appearance.