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  • Export Data, Transform Data, Load Data To & From ANY database
  • Schedule Exports and Loads for full automation
  • Easy to deploy and use: Get your data moving in minutes!

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What is Data Moving Tool and Who is it for?

Data Moving Tool helps your business transfer data in a simple, efficient and reliable way. It allows you to seamlessly Extract, Transform and Load data to and from ANY Data Source*.

Transfer Data between two databases, Export Data from databases, or Load Data into databases. DMT supports any ODBC compliant database and many file formats including Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, MS Access, FoxPro, DBF, MySQL, CSV Files, Delimited or Flat Files, HTML Files, etc.

Data exports and data loads can run On Demand or be Automatically Scheduled and run unattended.

Our customers range from small companies to large organizations and they all use a wide range of databases. Data Moving Tool is designed to allow companies to transfer and manage data without having to invest in complex and heavy ETL solutions. DMT gets the job done for much less in a much simpler way!

Typical Usage Scenarios [view more]
* Data Consolidation
Move data to a centralized location
* Data Migration / Data Transfer
Move data from one DB to another
* Produce Reports
e.g. Excel files from exported data
* Data Backup
Save/ZIP data in secure location
* Regular Data Exports / Data Loads
For recurring data needs
Key Features [view more]
* Data Export, Data Transform, Data Load
From/To any ODBC data source
* Powerful Scheduler
Automate Data Exports and Data Loads
* Pre-Conditions and Pre/Post Processes
Add logic and extend functionalities
* Works with virtually ANY Database
Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, etc
* Exports and Loads many File Formats
CSV, Delimited Text, Excel, HTML, etc.

Why choose Data Moving Tool?

› Simplest way to transfer data between multiple sources.

› Works with any database: No need for dedicated database tools.

› Easy to deploy and use: get your data moving in minutes!

› Bargain price compare to traditional ETL solutions.

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* ODBC compliant data sources.

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